WHAT it’s Affiliate Marketing and HOW you can transforming it in a REAL BUSINESS

Hi everybody! Hope you’re doing well, especially that the weekend it’s HERE!!! 😀

As I’ve  promised you, here is the article about how to become an Affiliate Marketer, without spending a dime!!!


At the first impression, it may look similar with the MLM systems … But IT IS NOT!


First of all, YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY to become an affiliate for a business! Sounds good?

Second: you DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING! Sounds good, again, right?

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is to subscribe as an affiliate – of course they will ask some details ( like name, age, address, etc., in the beginning, and you always have the possibility to add the payment details later, after you’ve decided that the company it’s a serious one.

Of course, logically, you’ll subscribe with companies in your area of interests.

The last step, and the MOST important, is to start to promote, ON LINE, their products. You can do this by opening a free TWITTER account, if you don’t have already one; promote the links to your friends on FB, Instagram, Pin It, on forums – you have to do it in a ” diplomatic ” manner, to not be banned because of ” spamming “.

You can start a free blog, and start to write about what you’re doing exactly my website here ( because I’m an Advertising Company, I have my own domain, but it’s make NO DIFFERENCE 🙂 )

I assure you, with time, you’ll start to LIKE all these. Especially when you’ll see the MONEY – commissions – entering your PayPal or Bank Account.

I very hope, it is a helpful article for all of you who wants to try the Affiliate Marketing  methods – hassle free and with a real potential of making money online.