WHAT is Marketing and Network Marketing, aka MLM? What you can learn …


WHAT is Marketing and Network Marketing, aka MLM? What you can learn …

Hi there! Sure, you don’t know me, but I have the feeling I KNOW YOU 🙂 Because you read this, so you’re curious and interested in this subject.

I promise you, I’ll do my best to give you the most important and valuable information, as SIMPLE as I can; like A. Einstein sais :

“… If you cannot explain it SIMPLY, you don’t understand it well enough … “


… And, who knows, maybe you’ll become one of the BEST on line Network Marketer and/or Affiliate Marketer 🙂



MARKETING – means TO BE PRESENT ON THE MARKET – includes prospecting the market, buying and selling; offline and on line, in the same way. To PROMOTE your niche, you have to BUY ADVERTISING.

The NETWORK MARKETING it is a little bit different.

You have to do the same things like in the ” classical ” marketing department. The BIG difference is that, this time, you work in a MLM – Multi Level Marketing – system. WHAT means this??!!

As I said already, you’re doing THE SAME – prospecting the market, buying and selling. WHERE is the difference!? The ADVERTISING, PUBLICITY, it’s made PERSONALLY, by YOU, WITHOUT involving ANY OTHER promoting methods, like newspaper ads or TV publicity spots, etc., because your UPLINE INSIST TO … DO NOT!!!

If you were already part of a MLM business, you know already the ” list ” and the ” everybody is your prospect ” slogans;  how to SPAM your family members and friends with your … Business Opportunity. RIGHT!!??

The MLM system it’s not a bad system, basically – if you take your time to research it, you’ll discover that is very similar with every other business: you have THE BOSS, the owner of the business, the MANAGERS – the next levels, under the boss, and the WORKERS – Employees who are taught, STEP BY STEP, WHAT and HOW to do the things … 🙂 Where is the ” bad ” news? – you’ll ask.

THE BAD NEWS is that you were ” attracted ” in the system with the very FALSE image that you’ll have YOUR OWN BUSINESS … Why ” FALSE “?? – because after you PAID the entrance fee ( it can include some products package ) you discover that your PROMOTION possibilities are very limited, you HAVE TO DO what they say, to can ” attract ” other consumers.

Another BAD news is – some of the MLM systems are build on RECRUITING, and this aspect is very close to a PYRAMID scheme ( or PONZI scheme ), ILLEGAL in most of the countries around the world …

Usually, you can recognize these illegal schemes, very easy: they promise HUGE income possibilities, it’s MISSING a serious PRODUCT, to buy or to sell. They ask for your money, they promise different levels of ” income ” – like the Matrix games – and you’ll NEVER RECEIVE ANYTHING!!!

To enter a MLM business, usually you have to pay an ” entry package ” – with this, you’ll receive the Membership and some ” products “, to try them, for the further ” publicity ” and selling .

One word more: ALL THESE MLM businesses, relies on ” the spoken words ” involving a ” friends list ” explaining you that is the best way to ” start ” – because with your friends and/or family members, you can speak more openly than with anybody else – and your friends have other friends, etc.

I’ll let you to decide HOW it would be … FOR YOU 🙂


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