Imagine yourself …

… as a busker on the streets 🙂

You’ll say, again, << – OMG!! What an IDEA!!! It’s like begging on the streets!!! >>

And, I’ll answer you – it is NOT. And you’ll give me right as soon as you’ll read this:

Basically, I’m a musician – piano and cello player; for 20 years even teacher for these musical instruments, for the moment I play the cello in a string orchestra, running my business and … Taking Salsa courses 🙂

The city where I live, Dublin – Ireland – has a VERY old and serious tradition in the street buskers. You cannot play tour instrument, or sing, or act, on the streets, just because you want to do it; in some areas, even, like Temple Bar or Grafton Street, you have to have a badge given by the City Council, after you’ve passed a test in the front of a specific commission, and you’ve paid the annual fee for doing this – there are more details, but I’ll not describe them, it is not the point of this article.

Why?! Because Dublin is one of the Capitals around the world, who CARES about their locals, visitors, tourists, and beside the freedom to experiment everything and anything, there is, ALWAYS, the requirement of HIGHT QUALITY!!! 

So! Let’s go back at the first image: you’re, definitely, NOT a beggar, you’re a


Imagine yourself playing your guitar – for example – on one of the Dublin City’s streets.

Like everybody else doing this, you have a guitar case, opened: inside you have the badge with your name and the logo of the Musicians Association, some business cards and some CD’s or DVD’s with your recordings – to can sell them, IF somebody wants them.

To can sell the recordings, you have to, FIRST OF ALL, ” SELL ” YOURSELF! This is EXACTLY what you’re doing playing your guitar in the front of thousands and thousands of tourists and locals passing by.

Those who like your play, will stop to listen, and to buy your CD’s; to ask your business card, to take a selfie with you, etc.  Those who don’t …

… You just continue to do your ” job “, as best as you can, enjoy it, SMILE, and you’ll find ALWAYS, YOUR AUDIENCE!

Just follow this rule, very specific for a musician ( and any other ARTIST ) – but it can be applied successfully in your business: