Advertise YOUR business



Hello! Today I’ll speak about HOW to advertise your business, without  losing your customers.


To advertise your business speaking about ANOTHER business, brand, is the WORST way to do it.

It is like, you would like to “conquer” a women ( in my case ) … speaking about another guy, saying ” I’m better than him! ” Maybe – almost SURELY – she will want to “try” first, the ” other ” guy 🙂

Is the first rule in publicity – think about: you NEVER saw an advertising TV spot or banner, let say for … ” Colgate ” , saying: << Hi, I’m ” Colgate ” and I’m better than ” Blendamed “, because … >>

You have to advertise YOUR business, YOUR brand – of course, in the background, you have to know almost everything about your ” concurrence ” to know how to be ” better ” , but NEVER to COMPARE, because you’ll LOSE, at least 50% of costumers – they will be curious about the other company.