Hello world!

Hi Everybody! Now, I feel like … back in the 2004 … when I FIRST installed … THE INTERNET! 🙂 My FIRST feeling was that … I’M NAKED! 😀 I’ll try to explain: it was the first time I had the Internet installed in MY APARTMENT 🙂 I didn’t know WHAT to touch FIRST! 😀 What TO DO first … ! 🙂 I was SOOOOO … Excited ! 🙂 AND NOW, WHAT!!??  – I have EVERYTHING … but I don’t KNOW what to do, to bring this at a HIGHER level, to KNOW HOW … to USE it … 😉

HOW can THE INTERNET … HELP me, TO SPREAD the words ?! Do I have to have some SPECIAL skills?!

YES! I have to have, I MUST HAVE the skill … TO COMMUNICATE 🙂 BUT 🙂 WHAT to communicate?!

HERE it CAME my … BIGGEST opportunity 🙂 My BIGGEST chance to SPEAK! WHAT to speak of!!?? ABOUT my life, my DREAMS 🙂